The CASA Experience

Kathy W., Allied Gardens

Volunteering is something everyone can and should do. As a CASA I will speak loudly for children who have no voice. I will stand beside them and clear a path for a bright and promising future.

Erin O., City Heights

I am honored and proud to be working with Voices for Children. This organization is giving me the opportunity to use my life in one of the most positive and meaningful ways I can imagine—to speak for a child who desperately needs someone on their side.

John “Chas” M., Poway

“It amazes me the coping skills that these children must develop with the constant change in their environments. One of my case children has been in 16 placements in eight years! Getting to know the children’s families, understanding their struggles, and being part of their support system helps me to provide valuable information to the judge. I found great satisfaction witnessing the progress made by my case child’s mother that resulted in the Court reunifying her with her son.”

Nicole M., Escondido

By being a CASA I’ll be there for a child who hasn’t been given the same opportunities and advantages that many others take for granted. I hope to help guide my case child into becoming an adult who makes positive contributions to society.

Lynn C., Fletcher Hills

I have high expectations for this experience and for the children for whom I will speak. I know that all is not roses for these children, but I think unless they have someone who expects more from them, who supports them and on whom they can rely, their lives will continue along the same trajectory, with not much hope or direction. The fact that these children are in this system through no fault of their own and now have no one consistent to speak for them is the “hook” that got me, and I believe the more people who get that picture and see what this program can mean, the more CASAs will take on this task and make our world a better place.

Amber Z., Mission Valley

By being a CASA I have the opportunity to help, motivate, mentor, and advocate for as many children as I am capable of on a one-on-one basis. I am ecstatic to be part of the Voices for Children organization

John M., Ocean Beach

It will be very gratifying to help children in need so they can have a chance to live the American dream.

Emily D., Pacific Beach

All too often we will make a donation or volunteer time for a cause but our efforts make only a small difference. What really excites me about being a CASA is that I get a chance to really make an impact in the life of a child. This is a unique opportunity to give an innocent child the chance in life they deserve.

Heidi J., Ramona

I am so happy to become a CASA. I wanted to help people and now I can.

Ramona M., Rancho Penasquitos

Being a CASA is a phenomenal opportunity to give back to my community and be the voice for a foster child. I hope to develop a relationship built on caring and trust and advocate for the foster youth I am privileged to serve.

Barbara M., Scripps Ranch

Becoming a grandmother reacquainted me with the freshness and innocence of children. When I learned of the plight of young children who find themselves, through no fault of their own, in the foster care system without someone to specifically look out for them, I felt that I could be an advocate for such a child, to offer myself as a person who they could depend upon to be there for them.

Kathy W., Rancho Penasquitos

I am thrilled to be a part of this organization, giving voices to foster children who are thrown into a scary situation through no fault of their own.

Glynnis A., La Mesa

“The most meaningful aspect of my work as a CASA is being a source of inspiration for a child, being able to see a child transform and start believing in himself. Being a CASA also allows me to be a cheerleader for a child who might not otherwise have anyone rooting for her.”

Delia R., University Heights

As a CASA volunteer, I will advocate for a child in need. I will be able to help my community at hand. I will learn and grow as an individual, and I will do something good for my soul. I am excited for this new chapter of my life and cannot wait for the journey to begin.